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Has anyone ever heard of Shamim Sarif?

A few weeks ago, Netflix suggested a movie to me, I Can't Think Straight:

So I watched it and enjoyed this little indie lesbian rom-com set in present day London and Jordan.  There were times, however, when the acting was a little cringe-worthy, especially from the supporting cast, many of whom seemed to play over the top or predictable caricatures.  But overall, it's a sweet and fun movie.  Then I did some research and discovered that the director of this movie, Shamim Sarif, wrote the book that it's based on.  Oh, who knew?  Then I found that she has written another lesbian love story, The World Unseen, that she also then made into a movie.  Awesome.  This one takes place in an Indian community in 1950's South Africa, and - get this - it stars the same two leading ladies as I Can't Think Straight.

I read the book and loved it - it's hot in a completely subtle way and has a happy-ish ending that is realistic and ... fitting for the times and circumstances.  I have yet to see the movie, but I'm looking forward to it.

So, anyway, I was surprised to stumble into this hidden bubble of Indian-Lesbian creative goodness, and I wondered why I had never stumbled in before.  And I was also wondering if anyone else is familiar with Shamim Sarif's work.  Read the books?  Seen the movies?  Thoughts?  Feelings?



Pushing Daisies IN ENGLISH on YouTube

The final three episodes of Pushing Daisies are on YouTube!  Maybe it's old news but I just found them.  They are in English, but have Turkish subtitles.  *sigh* I had almost forgotten how much I love Olive.

Episode 11: Window Dressed to Kill, part 1

This is the channel with all the videos:  http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=Flimmi&view=videos

"I could write a blog. I have thoughts."

On the day the Tony nominations are announced, I'm posting a movie trailer.  I could post my thoughts, rants, and excitement, but I think they're probably the same as everyone else's.  So here is the trailer for Julie & Julia.  I'm psyched for this because Meryl as Julia Child wins my heart.  Anybody else grow up watching Julia Child on PBS on Saturdays?  Bon Appetit!

BTW, when Amy Adams describes herself as "lonely cubicle worker Julie Powell", did anybody else think of "Pushing Daisies"?

Odes to Judy

1.  Judy Garland.  This is here for a reference point, and because it's amazing.  The scene from the movie wasn't on YouTube - but that would have been lip synced anyway while this one is live.

2.  Idina.  LOVE.  I kind of flailed when I found this.

3.  Anne Hathaway.  I think this could work.
Hathaway Cast as Garland in Stage and Screen Planned 'GET HAPPY'

Haha!  What?  But I do love me some tea.

From Broadwayworld.com: "As posted on the Networth Coffee Broker's web site, 9 to 5's Megan Hilty has now added some new credits to her resume, with her own line of coffee and tea!"


It has her picture on the package! Are they going to sell this in the lobby of the theater with all the '9 to 5' paraphernalia?  I want some.

Kristin the Pimp

Episode 9 of 'Kristin' is now up on YouTube.  This one is called "The Escort."

She looks good in blue.

Kristin as a Brunette!

Plus there's Lederhosen.

Source:  www.broadwayworld.com/article/Photo_Flash_Encores_MUSIC_IN_THE_AIR_20090205

I really want to go.  I think I have to.  *considers how much it will hurt me to buy a ticket*